Lexan Windshield Cleaning

Have you already made the decision to use lexan polycarbonate windows in your race car or off-road vehicle? Then you already know of the amazing advantages you get with that switch.

But now you want to protect your windshield and keep it clean. Here are some tips to keep your polycarbonate windshield clean.

Spray Cleaner

First off if it is already dirty use a spray on cleaner like the one offered over at Percy’s HP.

Use a racing optics protective plastic layer

Some racers find that adding a protective film over the external side of the lexan windshield to be helpful to keep your windshield at the best for many years to come. This video is of a Lotus using a SpeedGlass windshield with a clear protective film. After several months or so many laps on the track you can simply peel away the layer and all the bugs and pits are instantly removed. A simple way to clean. This way you cannot use wipers if you happen to need them.

Anti-Fog treatment

Once you have your windshield clean consider treating it with an anti-fog application. A basic choice here is the SpeedGlass anti-fog treatment. This will help keep your windshield performing in all weather conditions.

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