Lexan Auto Glass

Looking to replace your car windows to gain an advantage on the track, strip or street? With a polycarbonate windows you can save half the weight of a similar thickness piece of glass.

Lexan Auto Glass or polycarbonate is ideal for racers. But since polycarbonate is highly scratch resistant and wear proof it has many other applications. SpeedGlass lexan windows have become a standard choice for many off-road Jeep enthusiasts. No more rocks through your windshield when you have SpeedGlass.

There are options to replace all your windows on your car with pre-formed shapes specific for your make and model.  From Lotus to Volkswagon many popular track and street cars have pre-cut sizes available. You can even buy a kit to replace your windshield and windows from around $1100.

Even as a drag racer you can switch out your glass windscreen to a coated lexan windscreen. Choosing to use lexan for your windows will be a big advantage and money saver for you in the long run.

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