Lexan Rear Window

August 6th, 2010

I recently stumbled upon a great set of pictures of an NSX with a lexan rear hatch. I have to think the choice of lexan for the rear window in this application allowed for the custom carbon roof scoop as well as to reduce weight. Here is a picture from the original set. (link)

The carbon scoop looks perfect to be made with another awesome product called Hyper Fiber.  It is a alternative to using carbon fiber. It is a UV curable prepreg that allows you to fabricate without resin and with unlimited time to get it right as long as you keep it out of the sunlight.

Porsche To Offer Optional Lexan Windows

July 30th, 2010

An article over at motorauthority.com reports that Porsche is kicking around the idea of the Porsche Caymen Clubsport. What caught our eye was the talk about focusing on making the car lighter. Speaking about the Caymen

“it’s other primary focus is light weight. Aluminum doors, fabric door pulls, a lightweight hatch with optional lexan window (but only for Europe), lightweight wheels, and lighter sport seats combine for reported weight savings of between 162 and 184 pounds over the standard Cayman S.” (link)

You will need to keep an eye for the concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show this year as the reports have not been confirmed.

If the option to add a lexan rear hatch is made available that would be a big step in opening doors to lexan windows becoming more accessible to the everyday car enthusiast.

Polycarbonate Windshield

July 29th, 2010

In an older article and project archive over ate fourwheeler.com the team involved with the custom rebuild of a 1997 Jeep TJ. This Jeep got all kinds of great touches including a Speedglass Polycarbonate windshield. The team chose a polycarbonate windshield because of its durability and ease for pop-in and out replacement. Lexan or polycarbonate windshield from Percy’s is perfect for offroading. When describing their choice of the lexan windshield they state,

“Speedglass because it will not shatter into a million pieces during a rollover like conventional OE automotive glass.” (link)

If you are looking to replace your windshield in your off road project consider using a lexan polycarbonate windshield like SpeedGlass. Find out if they have an overstock or blemished windshield that fits your model and get anywhere from 50 to 80% off msrp.

Lexan Windshield Cleaning

June 11th, 2010

Have you already made the decision to use lexan polycarbonate windows in your race car or off-road vehicle? Then you already know of the amazing advantages you get with that switch.

But now you want to protect your windshield and keep it clean. Here are some tips to keep your polycarbonate windshield clean.

Spray Cleaner

First off if it is already dirty use a spray on cleaner like the one offered over at Percy’s HP.

Use a racing optics protective plastic layer

Some racers find that adding a protective film over the external side of the lexan windshield to be helpful to keep your windshield at the best for many years to come. This video is of a Lotus using a SpeedGlass windshield with a clear protective film. After several months or so many laps on the track you can simply peel away the layer and all the bugs and pits are instantly removed. A simple way to clean. This way you cannot use wipers if you happen to need them.

Anti-Fog treatment

Once you have your windshield clean consider treating it with an anti-fog application. A basic choice here is the SpeedGlass anti-fog treatment. This will help keep your windshield performing in all weather conditions.

Lexan Auto Glass

June 10th, 2010

Looking to replace your car windows to gain an advantage on the track, strip or street? With a polycarbonate windows you can save half the weight of a similar thickness piece of glass.

Lexan Auto Glass or polycarbonate is ideal for racers. But since polycarbonate is highly scratch resistant and wear proof it has many other applications. SpeedGlass lexan windows have become a standard choice for many off-road Jeep enthusiasts. No more rocks through your windshield when you have SpeedGlass.

There are options to replace all your windows on your car with pre-formed shapes specific for your make and model.  From Lotus to Volkswagon many popular track and street cars have pre-cut sizes available. You can even buy a kit to replace your windshield and windows from around $1100.

Even as a drag racer you can switch out your glass windscreen to a coated lexan windscreen. Choosing to use lexan for your windows will be a big advantage and money saver for you in the long run.